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    • How do I add a tenant?
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  3. Tenancy Agreement
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    • What do I need to add?
    • How can I use your version?
  4. Landlord Resources
    • What is the Resource section?
    • Can I advertise on BadTenants?
    • How much does it cost?
    • What details will I need?

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We believe that Landlords should have information about potential bad tenants available to them at the click of a button.

We believe Landlords and Letting Agents should have a fast, and very low-cost means whereby they can alert others of tenants who have caused them hassle.


For just £5 per year, you get access to the entire database of Bad tenants and the ability to add any number of your own bad tenants at no extra cost. A nationwide database with details on last known addresses, names, photographs and details of the incident that took place.

Tenants can be listed alphabetically, search for by name, date of action, and various other details - making it easy for you to check up on any new tenants you may be considering.

Inside the site also is a free to use Tenancy Agreement generator that you can use to generate new tenancy agreements for your tenants within minutes.


Due to the "name and shame" nature of this website, our terms and conditions indicate that you take full responsibility for any information that you provide about another person, and that if any information is false or misleading you may be liable for prosecution if there are any legal issues arising from the information entered.

We do not offer our services to allow people to bad-mouth each other, make accusations against people, or slander their character. Any such actions will be dealt with and co-operate fully with any law-enforcement operations that arise out of such matters.