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Well, if you are Letting Agent then you need to do so in order to comply with the Data Protection Act.

The Data Protection Act requires that Letting Agents do not share any information that they obtain from someone in one circumstance, with someone else without the person knowing about this and agreeing to it prior to the exchange of information.

Landlords are not required by law to do so, however it is still good practice and will probably work out better for you.

Because you will be warning the tenant that if they do decide to ruin your property, or leave with thousands of pounds of unpaid rental arrears - they will have to live with having their details stored on Which is easily searchable by landlords and letting agents up and down the country.

Insodoing, potential bad-tenants may be put off from trying to cheat you out of money. Or if they do then they won't wonder why no Landlords in the UK will let them into their properties.
As long as you word it correctly, just state that if they do not keep to the terms of their tenancy agreement, ruin the property, cause you financial troubles, or just leave without paying rent etc - that they will have all of their details placed onto this website.

Our automatic tenancy agreement generator words it as follows:

The Tenant must also agree that if they cause damage to the property, leave the tenancy still owing money, and/or cause the Landlord any other serious distress, that they will have their details placed onto, along with a photograph, and a record of the incident which they caused.
Simply register, pay the subscription fee, and login. On the front page after login there is a link that you can click that says "Generate Tenancy Agreement".

Clicking that link will take you to a page with various details you need to fill out. Once you have entered the details, selecting "Continue" will create a PDF version of the Tenancy Agreement that you can print out on your Printer, or email, or just view using a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat.